Episode III: Idols Strike Back

After a few weeks of laying low, Taylor Hicks is back in full-force as he gears up for his tour, kicking off next week. (And yes, I’ll be attending the Orlando show!) Hicks has a new interview out with gather.com. Not much new, but a couple of interesting tidbits:

    -It was “a struggle” to get his own material on the album.
    -A song that put a lump in his throat without fail? “Am I Blue” by Ray Charles.
    -We may hear “Somehow” live on tour (yay!).
    -A video is “coming around” and Taylor hasn’t been told which song will be the focus of the video. (Uhh…doesn’t it make sense that the current single should be the video? But I’m not part of Taylor’s crack marketing team, so don’t ask me…)

Taylor was also spotted on BuzzFoto (the site famous for exposing Katharine McPhee’s nasty little habit of leaving her puppy in the car while she dined at a swank L.A. restaurant), entering an equally swank L.A. eatery while wearing another unfortunate velvet jacket. Oh, Taylor. Have we learned nothing? On a side note, that boy sure is gettin’ skinny.

Taylor also made a brief, if not a bit disheveled, appearance at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party this past weekend (alongside Katharine and Chris Daughtry), where he was received with warm applause (but apparently forgot to remove the tag from his suit jacket. Aww.) After that, it was back to tour rehearsals. Contrasting Taylor’s frumpiness quite starkly was Katharine in her latest Frederick’s of Hollywood number. Sticking true to her current style of jeans-clad girl next door by day (so as not to piss off all those suburban moms watching her on “Today,” “The Early Show,” and “Rachael Ray,” no doubt) and exotic dancer by night, Kat sports an ensemble with the following traits: shorty-short skirt; low-dipping back; see-through, panty-flashing fabric; and her trademark water-balloon cleavage. Somehow, I don’t think Katharine ever learned the phrase “less is more. Well, either that or she’s scared that actually covering up one of her, ahem, assets would run the risk of taking all the attention away from her. It’s one of the two.

Speaking of Ms. McPhee, how in the world did I ever miss her appearance on this list? I must be slipping in my old age.

And finally, EW’s Popwatch reviewed Elliott Yamin’s new single (available for download today). Here’s some of what they had to say:

Thankfully, Elliott’s in great voice on lead single “Movin’ On,” a kiss-off to a fickle lover that could just as easily be interpreted as a message to all those major-label execs who failed to snatch him up after his third-place finish on Idol’s fifth season. The song’s got a ’70s, smooth-jazzy vibe that vaguely reminds me of “Just the Two of Us,” but I don’t think it would be totally out of place on today’s pop radio, either. All in all, a very wise choice…


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  1. 1 Osiris Shot Down February 13, 2007 at 7:04 pm

    Awww, I like his velvet jacket. Excuse me while I get all fangirly, but his legs look day-um good in those jeans. I can definitely appreciate a guy who wears nice-fitting jeans and not ones baggy enough to hide a family of 4.

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