American Idol: Hollywood

Why is it that after every viewing of American Idol, I immediately get a craving for peanut butter? Is it because of that banana guy? Eh.

Hollywood, bitches!

I have to start off with this. What the hell did Taylor Hicks do to piss off the producers of this show so much? (Besides actually winning, I mean.) Katharine’s crotch shot of an album cover is all up in my face at the top of the Family Viewing Hour, DAUGHTRY!!1111! gets like eight hundred years of pimping as the Savior of Music, and Taylor? Just some crazy gray-haired dude who happened to wander onstage during the finale last year and get caught up in some confetti, I guess. Oh well. At least Taylor can probably count on the Soul Patrol to carry him through a long and solid (if not particularly glittery) musical career, instead of coasting solely on media hype, only to flame out spectacularly.

Round one. The girls start us off. Jory Steinberg somehow managed to both pack and wear the exact same outfit as Paula Abdul, which is creepy. Oh, and her singing isn’t really all that great — it’s affected, and there’s just no uniqueness to her voice at all. She gets cut, and sashays down the hallway, all “I thought it was good.” Well, I thought it sucked, as did the judges. Also? Girlfriend’s got one long face.

Stupid obnoxious Perla cootchie-cootchies her way through “Hips Don’t Lie,” which is apparently the only song she knows. (Cute skirt, though.) Simon puts her through, but tells her that she’s more personality than talent at this point. She’s understandably upset about this, and whines that she can’t stop being herself. No one asked her to stop being herself, but she needs to have the pipes to back it up. And she just doesn’t. Baylie Brown (whose website has been taken down, but if you Google her name, you’ll see the cached remnants that describe the supposed desperate-to-get-off-the-farm girl as a “seasoned professional”) speak-sings her way through a song, and gets through on…her blonde hair, I guess. Also going through: Gina Glocksen, Jamie Lynn “Kellie Pickler Who?” Ward, and Melinda Doolittle. Not so lucky: Army gal Rachel Jenkins, who gets cut after a lackluster performance; Ashlynn “Pour Some Sugar on Me” Carr, whose bitchface upon getting cut is priceless; rough-and-tumble Porcelana Patino, and daddy-doesn’t-love-me Sarah Burgess.

The men. Second-timer Bryan Miller sticks to his audition song, and it’s much nicer this time. Reagan Idol Jarrod Fowler sings Josh Groban boringly, and gets cut. Matt Sato and his beautiful eyebrows boyband their way through to the next round, as does Chris Sligh, who doesn’t get a whole lot of pimping this episode. Methinks TPTB have caught wind of the Soul Patrol-like gravy train that is the Sligh Phenomenon, and are going to do their damndest to stall his advancement at every turn (or at least they’ll step in once the possibility of his win starts to outweigh his entertainment value, because you know the last thing they want is another Taylor.) Also making the first cut: Brandon Rogers, Nick Pedro, Sean Michel, Phil Stacey, and stupid beatboxing Blake Lewis, who eventually WILL have to sing a song during this competition, unless the judges decided to allow him to beatbox his way through Diane Warren night. Sundance Head sings way too high up in his range, and displays none of the bluesiness or grit that made him my early favorite. He gets through on Paula’s generosity, apparently.

Round two. Group-hunting proves difficult for Matt Sato. Matthew BUCKSTEIN! joins a harmony-less trio, while for-now pimpees Chris Sligh, Rudy Cardenas, Tom Lowe and Blake Lewis , who still looks like he should be popping E at a rave, immediately hook up and later deliver a kick-ass performance (made all the more kickass, admittedly, by the beatboxing, although I still want to see him get off the crutch).

Perla can’t harmonize (and looks and dances like she’s being Tasered), and she’s out. Baylie totally blanks out on her words, and she’s gone. And God doesn’t like her, according to Amanda Coluccio. Sundance Head doesn’t do so hot, but lives to see another day. It also seems as though Sean “Fidel bin Jesus” Michel didn’t make it.

Final cut. Through to Hollywood are Melinda, Blake, Sligh, Gina, Tom, BUCKSTEIN!, and Sundance, as well as Sanjaya Malakar, Marisa Rhodes, Haley Scarnato, Leslie Hunt, Tommy Daniels, Jordin Sparks, Tami Gosnell, Anna Kearns and Paul Kim. Not making it are Shyamali Malakar (who, sobbing, is consoled by her equally devastated brother), Jamie Lynn, and Bryan Miller.


8 Responses to “American Idol: Hollywood”

  1. 1 PennyW February 14, 2007 at 10:47 am

    And why is it they never mention Elliott who actually came in HIGHER than Chris. Sheesh.

  2. 2 PennyW February 14, 2007 at 10:51 am

    And I’m hearing Brandon is the next “potential idol” but they didn’t show him singing at all.

    I was quite disappointed with Sundance. Frankly, I thought he should have been cut.

    Good to see Mandisa’s friend made it thru. I really liked Bailey, too bad she botched her lyrics.

  3. 3 OsirisShotDown February 14, 2007 at 11:28 am

    I actually rewound the episode to make sure that my eyes weren’t deceiving me, and they weren’t. Sure enough, they didn’t show or say anything about Taylor’s CD. Nice support there, assholes. Would it really kill them to give him a *tiny* bit of promotion? Oh, well. He’ll still fare better in the long run, getting to make the music he wants to make, even if he’s not a supah-stah! Man, I’m just about done with this show. Why the hell do I keep watching? Why must it be so addictive? WHYWHYWHY?!

    Guess I may need to switch to decaf.

    I was surprised Sundance made it through, too, because those were some shiteous performances. Hope he gets his shtuff together because I really liked his original audition.

  4. 4 idolicious February 14, 2007 at 11:37 am

    If this is how AI is going to treat Taylor, then I hope to God he gets as far away from them as soon as he can. Even if that means getting dropped by his label. I’d much rather see him making music free and unencumbered than have to put up with this shit just to stay with a major label.

    One nice thing to come out of all of this–right now Chris and Katharine are riding a HUGE media wave, Chris with the “rightful winner that American got wrong” bullshit, and Katharine with the “OMG she’s so pretty SQUEE!” Right now it’s all hype. But eventually that hype WILL die down, and even though the two of them ARE talented, they may not survive the eventual crash-and-burn. I hope they do, but they might not. Taylor, on the other hand, doesn’t have any media hype right now. Any kind of footing he gains is going to come from his own hard work, not from In Touch deeming him the next big thing or whatever. So in that regard, even though his career may be less glittery than Chris’s or Kat’s, he’s in far less danger of having the rug spectacularly yanked from beneath him.

  5. 5 PennyW February 14, 2007 at 11:57 am

    One things for sure, no way Kat will have a solo tour like the others. Hell, even one of Chris’ bandmates has left and his tour just started.

    Did you also notice last night that the gal that one the Grammy thingy with Justin was cut. Heck, I didn’t even know she was on the show.

  6. 6 Em February 14, 2007 at 10:29 pm

    I really hate Amanda and Antonella. They’re both skanks with bad attitudes. One said she was insulted by bailey telling them they should have cooperated more on the song. One of them also said “we weren’t flirting with guys (and they were) We could get plenty of guys at home.

    Then when Antonella gets through she says “oh, Amanda will be so happy for me.” She didn’t even think how her friend might feel about not making it. Sinyah on the other hand went down and cried with his sister who didn’t make it.

    Both girls are jerks in my opinion. but what do i know?

  7. 7 amanda March 21, 2007 at 12:41 pm

    all i have to say is that i love love love sanjaya!!!

  8. 8 idolicious March 22, 2007 at 8:23 am

    Hee. It’s always the ones who can’t capitalize.

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