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Most interviews with Taylor Hicks are rote and boring by now. Blah blah blah “American Idol is fizzling out,” blah blah blah tour, blah blah blah blah blah. But this new interview from Yahoo! Music shows us a little bit of a different side of Taylor — one that is extremely proud of his music, feels driven to perform, and is extremely self-aware of his current status in the industry.

On how he managed to get creative control on his album:

Ha! I just insisted! Being in the business 10 years and keeping your ears open and hearing tales of other artists having the same situation, I personally wasn’t going to have that. You have to be smart about the whole situation and realize that this is your music, this is your career, and it’s your name, it’s not the label’s. So with that being said, if you understand that, then you know that artists ultimately have the say-so in the end. It was tough, but the album I recorded was a Taylor Hicks record.

Is it a Taylor Hicks record? Sure. Is it as much of a Taylor Hicks record as I’d like it to be? Mmmm…no. And judging from other statements Taylor’s made, I don’t think he had complete creative control.

On his “underdog” status on American Idol, and how his music may or may not fit into today’s “scene”:

Um, yeah, I was surprised somewhat [to win]. But I could feel that for the people that watch the show, I was a breath of fresh air for them. I don’t know if the record-buyers think that, but as far as the show goes, I was a nice breath of fresh air. And hopefully that’s what I’d like to breathe into music right now….I’m just trying to make good music. If it fits in [with popular music], fine; if not, someone will still buy a ticket for it!

I just love his outlook. You know, if it works, it works, if it doesn’t, he’ll still have fans. Ain’t that the truth?

On why LiMBO isn’t “trippin'” over his win:

I was driven. I wasn’t going to let anything stand in my way. Because honestly, I don’t think I could do anything else! This was it. Do you think John Elway could have worked at a bank? That guy needed to be throwing footballs. That’s kind of like me. I need to be performing in front of people.

I’m sure some will see this as arrogance — “who the hell does Taylor think he is to allude that he is to music what Elway is to the NFL?” I’m don’t think that’s what he’s saying at all, though — I think it’s more of a comparison of their innate drives to do what they do.

On whether he’s a “character” onstage:

I wouldn’t say it’s a character, but I’m just an entertainer, whatever that incorporates. It’s really natural. It’s what I’ve been working on all my life and I don’t know any other way. I get onstage and it comes easy. I let it happen.


4 Responses to “Getting to know you…”

  1. 1 anne February 5, 2007 at 9:46 pm

    Taylor is amazing. GREAT, GREAT CD. The music just makes you feel good.

  2. 2 MaryS-NJ February 6, 2007 at 9:30 am

    I read self-assurance in his comments too but I’m sure the usual suspects will still call him arrogant. Being positive and confident about the creative process and the final product is not a bad thing.

    That said, I also agree with you that there is some compromise in the album to make songs for radio play, no matter what he says. No one will convice me that Taylor would have chosen to sing a Diane Warren song if he hadn’t been forced to. At the end of the day, he obviously feels like he had enough creative input to feel happy with the album.

  3. 3 idolicious February 6, 2007 at 9:35 am

    Oh, the haters are hatin’. Check out TWoP this morning. You know, it’s one thing to not like another artist. That’s fine, obviously I don’t like Kat. But I don’t want her to fail. (Obviously, I hope; otherwise I wouldn’t post her positive reviews!) I can’t understand how you can actually wish failure upon a person because you don’t like their music or what you got to see of their personality for one hour each week. Dislike, sure. Wish harm? I can’t fathom it.

    As to how he can be happy with an album on which he had to compromise, I look at it this way (a shoe analogy, how prescient!): I bought Nine West leopard-print pumps, but if I had the full $500, I would have gotten the Jimmy Choos instead. But the fact that I couldn’t get what I wanted doesn’t mean I love my NW’s any less.

  4. 4 MaryS-NJ February 6, 2007 at 12:45 pm

    Yeah, the “usual suspects” would be the TWoP crowd. But then if Taylor sneezes wrong, they call him an arrogant ass. I don’t have the stomach for that forum anymore so I avoid it.

    Snark is one thing, but the schadenfreude and vitriol directed at contestants of a reality tv show… it’s just too much. I get angry about Darfur, Iraq, social injustice in our own country. But the sayings of celebrities? Eh.

    “(a shoe analogy, how prescient!):”

    LOL! It’s a great analogy. I agree. He’s satisfied with the album, given the circumstance. In a perfect world he’d have more than 6 weeks to make it, time to collaborate, etc.

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