A Katapalooza!

A couple of quotes, a little bit of snark (because it’s sooooo easy), and a review. Oh my!

From SFGate (where I think the writer might have a bit of a crush on McPhee, judging from his “omg i voted 4 u like a million timez!!!11!1” attitude):

You’re appearing on “Ugly Betty” and the Internet serial “Lonelygirl15.” Does that mean you’re preparing for something bigger? Hopefully not “From Taylor to Katharine.”

A: I hope so. They’re just little fun things for me and my fans. But right now I’m all about the record.

Because Katharine’s a giver. And these appearances are in no way designed to promote and sell her album, or establish herself as a viable actress in Hollywood. Nah, it’s all fun and for the fans!

From a new People Magazine interview:

[I] didn’t try to win. I just tried to get by.

That much was obvious. But all kidding aside…I know the girl was recovering from bulimia and all…but it’s amazing that she wasn’t even trying to win, so she says, and yet she still came off on the show to many, many people as seemingly thinking she was entitled to win anyway.

And a review of her album from AllMusic.com:

There is, as Katharine requested, a heavy dose of modern pop here – mainly, a lot of songs that bear a heavy Beyonce influence, along with traces of Christina, and the results can be quite stylish and alluring, as on the glistening, exuberant opener “Love Story” that strikes precisely the right blend of retro-’70s soul vibes and sparkling, stylish contemporary rhythms. But for every time the modern makeover works, it almost as often goes awry, as on the jarringly awkward, rapid-fire “Open Toes,” a self-conscious celebration of sexy shoes where Katharine never once sounds believable; she sings as if she’s only seen pictures of this footwear in US Weekly and never once wore them herself. This disconnect is a common problem throughout this eponymous debut album: try as she may, Kat never sounds sexy when she struts on numbers like “Do What You Do,” which doesn’t come as a great surprise since she was always more spunky than sultry on the show, but it’s a problem that plagues even the old-fashioned tunes, which should have been McPhee’s forte. True, most of the slow ones here are little more than boilerplate ballads, but McPhee can’t breathe life into these songs so they just sit there inert, sounding impeccable but unmemorable. And that gets to the core problem with Katharine McPhee: as pretty as she is, as talented as she is, she has yet to develop a performing personality that is distinctively hers.” (three out of five stars)


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  1. 1 MaryS-NJ January 29, 2007 at 12:23 pm

    “…McPhee can’t breathe life into these songs so they just sit there inert, sounding impeccable but unmemorable…”

    That, in a nutshell, is the best summary of Kat’s performances on AI and on the album I’ve read anywhere. It’s not unusual either, for classically trained performers. Technique can become a crutch.

    My brother was training to be an opera singer when he was younger. We ended up going to a lot of his recitals where a host of other classically-trained singers would perform. A few were spectacular and really stood out from the crowd.

    Most had impeccable voices but listening to them was like the aural equivalent of watching paint dry. Sadly, my brother was in the latter category. Too much technique and not enough instinct can make the product very unmemorable, IMO.

    That is part of Kat’s weakness as a singer, IMO. I think that may be why Simon told her to show off her tits and ass, assuming what Kat says is true.

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