Releasing the dogs.

I’ve got a collection of stuff sitting in my links folder, so I’m just gonna dump it all out here.

Taylor Hicks was interviewed by MTV a few days ago (I linked to the VH1 version; trust me, your browser will thank you for it). On the agenda: A video for “Just To Feel That Way” (hooray!). Taylor is also “giddy” about touring with an eight-piece band and is excited for Chris Daughtry’s success. Aww.

Taylor is also primed to give us a “special surprise” on April 20th. Hmm, what could it be? Some have speculated that April 20th is the night where Idol whittles its hopefuls down to six, and since producers have promised a “mega-event” that night, some think that it could be all five winner returning to perform. That could be pretty cool.

Taylor also re-enters the Billboard chart this week at #50, with another 15,000 copies sold…he seems to be holding pretty steadily around that range, and with no single at that. I don’t think Arista really has an excuse for waiting so long on the single, but a model for Taylor’s sales could be Kellie Pickler, who currently is topping country charts with her second single and who performed on The View this past week…which both combined to give her a chart boost up to the mid-thirties. The power of radio, I guess. No guarantees that “Just To Feel That Way” will top any radio charts, of course, but it would be nice. Is it a sad day when the Idol finisher has to look toward a sixth-place castoff for a sales model? Perhaps, but don’t forget that 1) country music LOVES those down-on-their-luck adorable blondes, and 2) at this point in time it’s looking fairly clear that Arista has fucked Taylor over by delaying this single realse. Anyway, radio or no radio, I’m excited for this tour. Taylor’s livelihood is live performing and it should be a blast.

Katharine McPhee has asked Crystal Stark to act as one of her back-up singers at some function or another. Katharine famously got very upset during Hollywood when Crystal was eliminated; when Ryan Seacrest suggested she go say something to the judges, Katharine’s response was “Well, I’m not, like, that mad,” Ha…only, not. Nevertheless this is a very sweet gesture and I hope Crystal, who was a very good singer in her own right, can use this opportunity to further her career.

Katharine also has a couple of new interviews out — one with, where she reveals that she “did like Celine Dion, but Celine Dion is not in anymore.” Now, I know she gave an interview in Entertainment Weekly where she said she’s still a fan, but I think the implication is that Katharine is basically a slave to Top 40 music, and won’t listen to anything “uncool.” Which, there’s nothing wrong with liking new music, but someone ought to tell her that she’s not twelve, and the cool kids in the cafeteria aren’t going to make fun of her for (gasp!) listening to music from ten years ago. She also spoke to, about being a spokeperson for eating disorder treatment (“[t]here’s not much I can do other than just give my advice on where to get help”), about how her new image will translate into reality (“you definitely won’t see me onstage suddenly wearing thigh-highs and a little dress”) (Ed. note: I’ve counted two “little dresses” she’s worn — and made obnoxious poses in — so far…), and of course, her album cover:

It catches your eye and that’s what I like about it, and you can’t really say it’s a slutty picture because it’s just suggestive. There’s no skin showing. It’s still, ‘I’m sexy, I may not be that innocent,’ but I’m also not showing you everything.

Hahahahahahahaha. “You can’t say it’s slutty because it’s just suggestive?” Oh, this girl, she kills me. Maybe she’d be right if her album weren’t explicitly suggesting “Buy one copy and get a free fuck!” But that’s me…


5 Responses to “Releasing the dogs.”

  1. 1 Hill January 25, 2007 at 7:11 pm

    So I suppose you also have a problem with Beyonce, Christina, Shakira,Rihanna,all of the Pussycat Dolls, and just about every other female pop and r&b singer out there? They’ve all posed showing more and just as provocatively as Katharine has. Like it or not, these are the same people that Kat is competing with for record sales. Why do you hold her to some much higher moral standard?

    It also would have been more balanced (which I guess really isn’t your intention) if you had provided the full quotation from Katharine about the cover. You know, the part where she says it wasn’t her first choice, she would have preferred something more conservative, but you have to compromise in that business. At any rate, it’s the music that will tell the story. And it’s about to.

    Can’t provide the Crystal Stark link, sorry—–this is the first I’ve heard of it. I believe, from what I’ve heard, that she does a lot of the background vocals for her album herself, but I could be mistaken. I did hear they were picking background singers for her appearances to promote her album. Maybe Crystal is one of them.

  2. 2 idolicious January 25, 2007 at 8:48 pm

    It also would have been more balanced (which I guess really isn’t your intention) if you had provided the full quotation from Katharine about the cover.

    Oh, you mean the quotation I posted three weeks ago?

  3. 3 Hill January 25, 2007 at 9:47 pm

    By the way , I think that’s the link you want to verify that her friend is in her band as a backup singer—-it’s on her myspace music page, her first daily video blog from then top, left hand side. If you dislike “Over It” as much as you say you do, you may want to stop the audio player first.

  4. 4 idolicious January 25, 2007 at 9:50 pm

    Nah, “Over It” doesn’t make me want to kill myself. That’s reserved for “Open Toes” and “Do What You Do.” ;-)

    Thanks, though! I’ll update the entry.

  5. 5 MaryS-NJ January 26, 2007 at 6:29 pm

    “Over It” is inoffensive, generic pop…zzzzzzzz The tween girlies will probably love it. It’ll sell a mountain of CDs to the Hannah Montana set and then she can move on to acting when the next heavily-pimped flavor of the month comes along (see: Lewis, Leona).

    The situation with Taylor is frustrating at one level, because I don’t get what his marketing team is doing with the delay of the single. So the conclusion is that he’s non-mainstream, and will always be non-mainstream. Most of my favorite musicians are non-mainstream, so that doesn’t bother me, but I’d be willing to bet that ol’ Clive and the PTB at AI will make sure this year’s winner will fit nicely in a box labled poprock/country/urban.

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