American Idol Auditions 3: Memphis

Well, finally, some actual talent is put through to Hollywood.

The good:

I’ve picked my pony, and his name is Sundance Head. I was incredibly impressed by his bluesy vocals. Inevitable comparisons to Taylor will abound — who has more soul, who has less soul, who’s weirder-looking and therefore harder to market — but vocally, I think the dude’s more similar to Elliott than he is to Taylor. Taylor rasps; this guy belts. And so far, I love them both.

Backup singer Melinda Doolittle also had a wonderful, powerful, controlled voice, and y’all know how I do love an alto making it through to Hollywood. I’m not sure she could inspire me to do more than just mildly appreciate her, though. We’ll see.

I thought that red-headed Wandera was just wonderful, but the judges threw her out on her ass with the old “there’s nothing special about you” line. Well, that didn’t stop them from putting Daughtry through last year, now did it?

The meh:

He may have looked homeless and given us some similar platitudes, but Castro Dude was not all that. Neither was Phil Stacey, who somewhat dickishly missed the birth of his child to go audition.

Danielle McCulloch had a passable voice, and has already been featured in commercials, but really, do we need to start with the trying-too-hard vamping and the eyefucking? No, we don’t. And I’d eventually like to see a woman past the age of 21 do well on this show. But if she does by some unfortunate event (or later display of vocal talent) make the top 12, I hope the Nikki McKibbin hairstyle is the first thing to go.

The ugly:
Topher McCain can’t sing very well, but he disses his ex-wife on national television, which depending on his actual backstory may or may not make him an ass, but I’m sure it felt good nevertheless.

Mumblefucking her way through her audition is Timika Sims, who may have a genuine speech impediment, so I won’t snark on her any further.

Oh…enjoy Sundance’s father Roy Head singing his #1 hit, “Treat Her Right,” below.


6 Responses to “American Idol Auditions 3: Memphis”

  1. 1 Em January 23, 2007 at 11:54 pm

    OK. I still like Tommy Daniels from last week. (I had to surf back on the blog to pull up his name, but I did like him!) But I was impressed with Sundance Head. He did sing the hell out of that song. Plus you gotta love the name Sundance Head. I like how his explaination was hippie parents. I would have gone with hippie-hicks. I went to school with a kid named Sundannah, no joke. Although one puppy was saddened by his choice of satan-esque facial hair. And who knew there was a quota for guys who look like Fidel Castro but can sing well enough to be interesting. I just want to see what he looks like without the puppy-saddening Leninist facial hair. At what stage do they start the makeovers? I will root for Fidel until that stage. I haven’t seen a woman that I have really liked. Maybe I have just listened to too many woman who sound the same, but the judges were actually making a little sense when they said, “You aren’t anything special.” Maybe I just like boys. Take that bitches!

  2. 2 baxter January 24, 2007 at 7:43 pm

    Thanks for the video of Roy Head singing “Treat Her Right”. I knew I had heard this song before and racked my brain all day. Finally the lightbulb moment….it was in one of my favorite movies, “The Commitments” If you have never seen this movie and appreciate good music, run don’t walk and rent this from your local Blockbuster. Here’s the link on YouTube for this song by the cast of “The Commitments” Give it a look.

    Thanks again for your great blog!!! Doing a fantastic job and I make it a point to visit daily.

  3. 3 james January 26, 2007 at 8:08 am

    Phil Stacey – His wife was not due until Oct 18 he auditioned on Oct 5 – He was not going to go – but his wife wanted him to go – His wife has been the most supportive thru all of this. Give him a chance for all of us you know him we to thought that his audition did not sound great but we have heard better.

  4. 4 idolicious January 26, 2007 at 8:34 am

    They will all get a chance, naturally. :-) If he sounds better throughout Hollywood and into the Top 24 (should he make it that far), I may wind up a fan.

  5. 5 Miss Manners January 26, 2007 at 11:53 am

    Since you picked up on that made-up word ‘interpretated’ (that jarred my nerves, too) I thought you wouldn’t mind this picky little note:

    ‘…comparisons to Taylor will about…’ it’s *abound*

    Enjoyed everything, great insights, cheers!

  6. 6 Joyce February 19, 2007 at 1:12 pm

    I feel that we have competition on our hands this year. But Melinda Doolittle, and Lakisha Jones both have a powerful voice. But I am hoping that Jones really make it through the final. When I listen to her audtion she just give me goose bumps. She sings very very well with out music. Melinda has that powerhous voice that moves me also. But they both will do excellent, and I will be voting for them both. Good luck ladies.

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