Salt and pepper.

Gray Charles posted a fascinating article on how the content of radio airplay is (or isn’t) determined by listener input. The article also reveals that radio bigwigs think that we’re all dumb and lazy and can’t be bothered to make our own choices about advanced concepts such as “music we like” and “music we dislike,” so we’d much rather have someone do it for us. How they explain the phenomena of iTunes and Pandora then, I don’t know.

Taylor Hicks’ single is set to “impact” on February 5th. I though it was a rolling release; now it’s got an impact date? Hmm. Interesting. Also interesting is that the target impact is now apparently adult contemporary, not Top 40 as was originally reported. Hey, now, wasn’t Gray running a poll asking people what song they’d like to see as the single? Wasn’t this poll running at the same time that a Top 40 radio target was announced? (And wasn’t Arista supposedly considering the results of this poll?) Think the misinformation affected people’s selection? I know I would have cast a vote for “The Right Place” had I known that the target was adult contemporary, not Top 40. For shame, Arista.

Taylor is also featured in a short interview with PBS Kids GO! The interview mainly focuses on Taylor’s life as a middle school student and how music served as a creative outlet for him.

And finally, Katharine McPhee made the front page of Yahoo!Music…but not so much for her actual music as for her new tarted-up look. Says Yahoo!:

Katharine McPhee’s full-body makeover from girl-next-door to, well, slut-next-door continues apace. Yes, on Idol Kat was all Broadway ballads and Ivory-Girl goodness, but judging from her new spread-eagle album cover at left, she’s hired Mariah Carey’s stylist to refashion her into a heavily hair-extensioned pop tart. Well, you know what they say: Sex sells. But will the legions of Midwestern and Bible Belt fans who had Katharine’s voting number on their speed-dials last year be put off by the new sex-kitten Kat?

We shall see if the old mantra “there’s no such thing as bad press” holds true for Ms. McPhee.

Okay, I lied. That wasn’t the last thing I have to post. The spoilers thread at idolforums (my absolute favorite place for observing teenage fangirl — and boy — squeeing from a smug distance) has been updated with some possible names for season six’s top forty contestants. Neither I nor the fine folks at idolforums make any guarantees as to the accuracy of this list (and frankly, I’ve heard some of these people sing, so I hope to hell most of them aren’t getting through to the top 24). On the list so far:

Anna Kearns (the 6’4″ stunner who gave us a…uhh, loud rendition of “Respect”)
Blake Lewis (he of the beat-boxing skills, semi-androgynous, teen-crush-able looks, and my eternal ire)
Brandon Rogers (we haven’t seen him yet, but all his music has been taken down…which probably means good things for his Idol future)
Chris Richardson
Chris Sligh (already generating buzz for his unconventional look, he has a MySpace, a band, and a blog. But does he have talent?)
Gina Glocksen (who already auditioned during a past season, but was cut in Hollywood)
Matthew Bucksten (of Brokenote Cowboy fame)
Justin Davis
(listen to a song of his here…lovely pure tone a la Elliott Yamin, unadorned vocals for the most part, and a refreshing change from the immature through-the-nose sound of your Blakes, your Rudys and your Sanjayas)
Philip Joe Stacey (a military man)
Rudy Cardenas (I wasn’t crazy about his high-pitched vocals, but I think he’s a lock for the top 24)
Sanjaya Malakar
Sundance Head (yep…he’s a dude)
Tommy Daniels (though I don’t know if the revelations of his criminal past have changed his status)
Tom Lowe (he’s British and used to be in a boy band).


4 Responses to “Salt and pepper.”

  1. 2 idolicious January 22, 2007 at 6:44 pm

    I will post it, thanks for alerting me to it. :-) Although I wouldn’t expect it to be horribe. After all, B&N is trying to sell it.

  2. 3 Winnie January 23, 2007 at 12:42 pm

    Salt and Pepper… just can’t stand to be wrong can you? even when other experts already say so you still had to be negative….and just had to bash first before praise. Just too jealous Salt and Pepper does not have too many people praising him but just you…

  3. 4 idolicious January 23, 2007 at 12:51 pm

    Winnie, I know that this may be a very advanced concept for you, so try to listen hard. There is a difference between a “fact” and an “opinion.” It is my opinion that Katharine’s album is not very good. It is your opinion that it IS very good. There are no “facts” involved here. Did you understand that, or would you like another review? So enjoy your opinion, and go put her CD in your stereo and marvel in amazement about how “Over it” like, TOTALLY fits your situation!

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