What you can expect from Idolicious in the coming weeks…

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see the focus of this blog changing. I’m going to try to focus as much as I can on A16, meaning for the most part recaps and spoilers. And, being that I’m a Taylor Hicks fan, I’ll try to keep up-to-date with Taylor news. I will also post any reviews I find of Katharine McPhee’s album, though I might not do it every day. I also may or may not review it myself (depending on whether it’s streaming for free, and whether I can actually put myself through it).

What you’ll probably be seeing less of are the long, drawn-out, well-thought-out (well…okay, that’s relative) posts, analyses, and conclusions that inspired me to start this blog in the first place. Why? Well, simply put, I really don’t have the time anymore. School has started back up, I’ve got two major papers to write, and at the risk of sounding a bit pretentious, I do extremely well in school, and I’d like to keep it that way. Oh, and on those rare and precious weekends where I can actually scrounge up some non-school-related free time, I’d frankly rather be out with friends or vegging out on my couch, emptying out the weekly contents of my DVR. I do want to keep the blog running, but I’ll probably have to pick and choose what I want to include. And since this blog (which got its humble start on a teeny MySpace account) began with recaps, it’ll die with recaps. I’d like to do some Spotlights, too, but they’ll probably be less frequent. But otherwise, it’s time to move on. New pastures to roam, new roads to travel, new obsessive fanbases to rile up (Blake Lewis fans, I’m lookin’ at you…oh, and to my fan club — you know who you are — take a cue from someone who survived middle and high school intact, but learned quite a few lessons along the way: You’re only fun to make fun of because you’re so easy to provoke! Well…really that, and the fact that you’re not very good at spelling, or logic for that matter.).

Or, you know, maybe by some act of God I’ll be able to budget all my time perfectly, leaving me room to run this blog exactly the way nature intended it to be run. That’d be cool, too.


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  1. 1 baxter January 21, 2007 at 3:03 pm

    WHA????? How dare you leave us hanging that this!! School Shmool…I need my in depth, thought provoking posts on a daily basis. WHAT EVAH!!!

    Ok…now that I have that out of my system….Good Luck with school. Once I had my MBA in hand I swore that my butt would never grace the halls of higher education EVER AGAIN!!!! I have held onto that pledge for 4years now and don’t plan on changing anytime soon. School comes first, but MY NEEDS here at your blog come second, sista….and don’t you forget it!!!

    Best Wishes on your upcoming semester. I’m sure you’ll do great as always.

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"I hate them all. The judges, TPTB, the blatant manipulation, the songs, the contestants, everything. I'm a die-hard Cook fan, but for the love of god, at least try to look like you're enjoying yourself up there! Please? Syesha was awesome but she ruined it by being completely shameless and disgusting. Yes, being on American Idol is exactly like the civil rights movement, except for the part where you're fighting to make the world a better place."

"All I can say after the disgusting display tonight of favoritism towards the mediocrity that is David A. - good luck trying to market and make money off of that kid, American Idol. (Not to mention good luck dealing with his father.) All the teeny boppers may buy up his American Idol coronation single, but they will quickly forget about him before the album comes out. And I shudder to think of a David A. album - song after song of unrelenting sameness and heavy breathing. Why they are pimping him for the win is beyond me."

"This show was simply a hot buttered mess tonight. And Jason "needs to be arrested for what he did to I Shot the Sheriff. But I hope he stays. He amuses me. "

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