Lassoed and branded.

While Simon Cowell looks for new and creative ways to insult Taylor Hicks this season, Taylor himself is enjoying his go-round in the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic. You can see his team’s scores (I think) at the leaderboard here. Hmm, playing golf and not watching Idol? Naughty, naughty, Taylor.

In other Taylor news, “Just To Feel That Way” makes it teeny tiny debut on the A/C charts today at number 400. Well, he’s got to start somewhere. I personally am not under the delusion that Taylor is going to be a mainstream smash success. I don’t even think he’ll be a John Legend or a Corinne Bailey Rae type of success — at least, not with this album. With later, better albums, maybe. But, at the same time, as a fan I’d like him to have some commercial success, so from time to time I’ll report his airplay.

Katharine McPhee was spotted leaving her pooch Nena in the car while she apparently dined at swanky Cali restaurant Orso. Nothing breaks my heart more than walking through a parking lot and seeing poor dogs trapped in cars. I don’t care if it’s hot and muggy or cold and rainy, I don’t care if you’re dashing in to pick up your take-out or if you’re spending two hours eating. YOU DON’T LEAVE YOUR DOG IN THE CAR. You wouldn’t leave a baby in the car, so what makes a dog all right? Sad. I always suspected that Nena was nothing more than a fashion accessory for Katharine. Guess the poor pup didn’t match McPhee’s outfit that day. Of course, when Miss Klazzy notices that she’s being tailed by photographers, she’s all kisses and cuddles for the poor animal. Barf.

Katharine was also interviewed by Associated Content. Not much news here, except that Kat would like to work with Fergie. Well…are any of us really surprised?


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  1. 1 MaryS-NJ January 18, 2007 at 1:13 pm

    Yay for Taylor having fun golfing and showing up on the charts! I think the best stuff on his album is non-mainstream, and of the mainstream stuff, JTFTW is probably the best bet for AC play.

    I finally got some feedback on Taylor’s CD from one on my older kids “K.” K is my 23 year old stepson who has very eclectic musical tastes. K didn’t watch AI but was a semi-interested party during last season because Yimmumah wrote his “Crazy Gray Haired Guy” cartoons about Taylor. After he joked that he’d kill me if I told anyone he’d actually listened to it (heh) he told me that he thinks The Right Place is AWESOME and that Taylor’s own songs are better than the other stuff and he couldn’t understand why Taylor wasn’t able to put more of his own material on the album.

    Anyway, let’s hope that Clive gets the message next time. If Taylor is going to sell around 500K consistently no matter what, maybe Taylor’s next CD will not be so pop-oriented and over-produced. Less is more, in my opinion.

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