I saw a pair of leopard-print open toes in Nine West that I’m TOTALLY going to pwn.

Here’s a cute little “battle” between EW’s Michael Slezak (who was conveniently on vacation when the notably sour Henry Goldenblatt reviewed Taylor Hicks) and Helin Jung regarding Katharine McPhee’s new stongs (streaming on MySpace).

Jung: OMG! Have you heard Katharine McPhee’s new songs on her MySpace page? They’re so JoJo — in a good way.
Slezak: If by that you mean this music could be mistaken for a demo from one of the Pussycat Dolls’ 14 backup singers, then yes, she’s a great success.
Jung: Precisely…she’s stunning, in a Barbie sort of way…she has a great voice, but not a lot of pizzazz, so she’s not threatening…it’s all very easy to digest. (Ed. note–listening to Katharine McPhee’s music involves no thought whatsoever! Brilliant!)
Slezak: Look, I know I’m biased…I was never a McPhan during her Idol days, but “Over It” is so completely forgettable. Her voice has absolutely no personality, and it disappears on the lower notes. And, if you’ll allow me to nitpick for a second about grammar, when she says “your eyes…I’m over it,” it ought to be “your eyes…I’m over them.” (Ed. note–I now love Michael Slezak.)
Slezak: …But I can’t help feel like “Open Toes” rips off Kellie Pickler’s “Red High Heels,” except it uses a recycled synth line from the waning days of Paula Abdul’s music career. Where are the big notes? Where’s any hint of Kat’s vocal range? (Ed. note–Kat has range?)
Jung: She has to save some of her goodies — which is something she hints at with the album-cover photo (pictured). Britney could take a lesson from Katharine. (Ed. note–That’s an interesting marketing strategy: release the shitty songs to the masses!)
Slezak: Indeed, I appreciate she’s not giving anyone a tour of her nether-regions. The girl has some class. And her boots are made for walkin’. (Ed. note–wait, so the only requirement for having “class” these days is to not flash your vagina to the world? Pretty low standards there. I feel the love for Slezak slipping.)


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  1. 1 baxter December 29, 2006 at 10:46 am

    (Ed. note–That’s an interesting marketing strategy: release the shitty songs to the masses!)

    Kat- Seriously are any of us surprised??? Katharine’s marketing has been “unusual” to say the least. She released a single with no promotion to her fans, yet most people don’t even know it’s available. Next, she releases crappy songs from her album, but is supposedly holding back the hits from the media??? The press is starting to question her music choices. I just want to pull up a lawnchair, grap some snacks and watch the rest of this unfold. I am truly interested to see what the rest of the reviewers have to say about this album. Not to mention a majority of her AI fans that will be in for a huge shock when they first listen to this cd. I for one can’t wait!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. 2 idolicious December 29, 2006 at 2:13 pm

    It’s a crazy marketing strategy, all right. I do have a feeling though that as the release date draws closer, marketing will start getting a little more conventional, with a video and a pre-release single. Honestly, I think the time leading up to the album release has been all about getting Katharine’s name out there as a personality. She’s not making the kind of music she made on Idol, so she’s bound to lose SOME fans that way (although some will stick with her out of loyalty). She’s also the runner-up, so she’ll probably suffer from the curse of the public’s short-term memory as well. I think that RCA’s promoting her as a celebutante right now just so her name won’t be forgotten come release time. As far as the songs she’s released, well, they’ve ranged from the extraordinarly kitschy and stupid (Open Toes) to bland formulaic R&B (Over It, Each Other), to dance (Dangerous), to Mary J-lite romantic ballad (I Lost You). Love Story isn’t bad but her vocals just aren’t up to par on it. Honestly, I think that RCA floated a bunch of stuff in different formats to see which Katharine the public would be more responsive to, and they’re going to market her that way.

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