Holiday potpourri.

“Potpourri” was always the most obnoxious category on Jeopardy, wasn’t it?

Everyone’s favorite Soulman Taylor Hicks showed up on The CBS Early Show this morning (although I don’t think it was live) to treat us all to his rockin’ version of “White Christmas.” It really needs to be recorded and released stat, ’cause I can’t get enough of Taylor’s falsetto. I really can’t.

In other Taylor news, Glide (hee, because I’m twelve) Magazine posted a review of the 18th annual Xmas Jam, a yearly holiday concert that routinely features such incredible acts as the Dave Matthews Band, the Taj Mahal Trio, John Popper, and Edwin McCain (although he didn’t make it this time). Hicks was on board this year to lend his harmonica skills and honeyed gravel voice to the mix. You can hear his gorgeous voice on “I Shall Be Released” here; check out more of the evening’s highlights at Oh, and here’s some of what Glide had to say about the evening:

“The people danced, and the Sweetwater 420 Pale Ale flowed. And there were newsmaking moments of all kinds, not the least of which was a slew of sit-ins from the most recent American Idol victor Taylor Hicks…The three-man harmonica blowout–John Popper, Taylor Hicks and Mickey Raphael–in the middle of the Social Club’s “Walkin’ to New Orleans” was a hair-stander. But for the historical combination and the ephemeral, one-time-one-night-ness of it, you’d have a tough time beating Gov’t Mule’s “Leavin’ Trunk,” which brought Taj Mahal (ed. note–Taj Mahal RULES) back to the stage and stacked him between Haynes and Branford Marsalis, blazing away on a harmonica with the full weight of the Mule behind him.”

In the end, Taylor might be far outsold by Daughtry, and he might not get sexy photoshoots like Katharine McPhee, but you know what? This is the kind of love I much prefer seeing him get.

And speaking of Sherman Oaks’ new R&B queen, Ms. McPhee and her boyfriend Nick were on hand at Hopes House, a shelter for abused women and children, to distribute toys to the tiny tots. I’m elated to see that Kat is giving back to her community and using her celebutante status to do some real good. Despite the fact that I don’t find her (or at least her public persona) to be particularly likeable or humble, I do believe that Katharine enjoys her charity work, and I also believe that she’s truly grateful for her fans. Keep up the good work, Kat.


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  1. 1 talktocarllewis December 22, 2006 at 6:00 pm

    I’m happy Taylor is making great live music– he’s a phenomenal performer and a soulful artist.

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