Heh. Heh heh. Ha. Haha. Mwahahaha!

Normally I’ll post both good and bad album reviews with nary a comment, but consider the three things that this reviewer is asking you to believe:

1. Taylor Hicks has limited vocal range. (Okay, maybe not everyone likes his vocal range, but isn’t half of his vocal appeal based on his unusually high “whiskey tenor”, as per Barry Manilow? And didn’t he bust out with a couple of pitch-perfect falsettos? Next.)

2. “Making it your own” is baaaaaad. (Yes, apparently all covers must be simple paint-by-numbers jobs. Not that I’m on board 100% with the Marvin Gaye cover, but still. Next.)

3. “Dream Myself Awake,” penned by “seasoned veteran” Rob Thomas, is the best song on the album. (Uhh…dude, the song’s got, like, five words total in it. Give me a break.)

“Now that he’s off the Idol soundstage, his limited vocal range has never been more evident. Every time he reaches for his head voice, he sounds as if he needs to blow his nose. And though he’s surrounded by seasoned veterans like Rob Thomas (who penned the album’s best song, ”Dream Myself Awake”) and Bryan Adams, he’s decided to embrace Paula Abdul’s mantra: ”Make It Your Own.”” (Grade: C) –Henry Goldenblatt for EW (Where’s Michael Slezak? At least he know what a POS the Rob Thomas song was.)

Meh. Anyway. Have another:

“Those who championed his raspy, blues-flecked vocals and down-home approach will appreciate that those qualities were preserved on this polished collection of blue-eyed soul and pop…Give Me Tonight” is strained and obvious, and “Dream Myself Awake” doesn’t quite fit, but this debut is sure to keep Mr. Cowell impressed and Mr. Hicks’ devoted Soul Patrol shouting his praise.” (Grade: B) —Dallis Morning News


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  1. 1 AmyH December 20, 2006 at 7:54 am

    I’m just not reading ANY reviews. Often, you can’t tell from the headline if it’s good or bad and the bad ones just bother me. I try not to take them seriously, though. The one that made me decide to quit was one where the reviewer totally panned “Wherever I Lay My Hat”. Say what you will about the rest of the album, but Taylor’s vocals have never been showcased better than in that song … and the reviewer slammed it.


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