Boom chickie boom chick-chickie boom.

“”The Runaround” sounds like a vintage version of the Radiators. “Heaven Knows” cleverly grafts a Ray Charles riff onto a Marvin Gaye melody. And Hicks more than acquits himself on the oft-covered Motown ballad “Wherever I Lay My Hat.” Matt Serletic’s excellent production is spiced with deft use of brass (a rarity these days). And Hicks himself plays a pretty mean harp on “Gonna Move.” OK, there are some duds here, for instance the second half of the CD. But it’s a pleasant and accomplished virgin voyage. Of course, Hicks already knew how to sing. Let’s hope he gets some dance lessons.” (three stars) —The Philadelphia Inquirer (finally, Serletic gets some love)

“Hicks, self-styled purveyor of blue-eyed soul, is more like a microwave oven. He presses the button for, say, “BALLAD.” As he proceeds to sing with unwavering efficiency, the tune is uniformly cooked. Then out pops the ballad – BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! – with all the sexiness of a heretofore frozen lasagna…Where’s the hunger? The passion? The soul, for crying out loud?” (Grade: C) — (Probaby the harshest review I’ve read yet. For perspective, the reviewer gave Fantasia an A- and Brian McKnight a B.)


December 2006
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What the kids are sayin’

"I hate them all. The judges, TPTB, the blatant manipulation, the songs, the contestants, everything. I'm a die-hard Cook fan, but for the love of god, at least try to look like you're enjoying yourself up there! Please? Syesha was awesome but she ruined it by being completely shameless and disgusting. Yes, being on American Idol is exactly like the civil rights movement, except for the part where you're fighting to make the world a better place."

"All I can say after the disgusting display tonight of favoritism towards the mediocrity that is David A. - good luck trying to market and make money off of that kid, American Idol. (Not to mention good luck dealing with his father.) All the teeny boppers may buy up his American Idol coronation single, but they will quickly forget about him before the album comes out. And I shudder to think of a David A. album - song after song of unrelenting sameness and heavy breathing. Why they are pimping him for the win is beyond me."

"This show was simply a hot buttered mess tonight. And Jason "needs to be arrested for what he did to I Shot the Sheriff. But I hope he stays. He amuses me. "

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