Taylor Hicks’ long night.

Yes, a track-by-track full review is coming. Eventually. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not. But soon.

Does a New York Times feature article officially mean you’ve hit the big leagues? At the very least, it can’t hurt your climb to the top. Tomorrow’s NYT (I’m assuming it’s for tomorrow; that’s tomorrow’s date under the byline) carries this article about Mr. Hicks (I do adore the NYT’s adherence to formal manners). The author dishes on Taylor’s in-person lankiness, his tendency to get lost in his own little world, and his not-so-angelic mannerisms:

“Off camera, however, Mr. Hicks can be shy, fidgety and sometimes seems lost in his own thoughts. Much has been made of his somewhat pudgy, un-“Idol”-like appearance, but in person he is very thin and, despite his prematurely gray hair, looks younger than his 30 years. He smokes, slaps his knee when he laughs and sprinkles his sentences with four-letter words.”

No shocker to most (now or ever–except for maybe the more fanatical divisions of the Soul Patrol, who take a hard hit in this article:)

“The Soul Patrol, mostly fawning middle-aged women, were and are harder to ignore. When the season ended, they focused on helping him achieve commercial success, following the “Idol” tour and buying hundreds of copies of his “Idol” single to ensure its gold status. They followed his career obsessively and weighed in on every aspect of his life. Unfavorable reviews earned critics a barrage of angry e-mail messages. They debated everything from if, when and whom he should date to how he should style his hair to whether it was acceptable for the “Idol” to swear.”

Eep. But Taylor, ever the gentleman, will cop only vaguely to the negative aspects of having super-fans:

“Mr. Hicks admitted that the fan attention and intervention can be suffocating but said he appreciates it nonetheless. ‘I would rather have them overly invested than not invested at all,’ he said. ‘I’m very receptive to any input they have.’ “

Very diplomatic, and very impressive. Well played, Mr. Hicks. Well played.


6 Responses to “Taylor Hicks’ long night.”

  1. 1 Bobo (aka: Billie) December 9, 2006 at 11:10 pm

    Excellent insight to some of Taylor’s thoughts (IMO)…I think it would be difficult to be offened by the comments…unless you’re one of ‘those’ fans whos still camped out on Mr.Hicks,Snr’s front lawn waiting for Taylor to come home so you can give him that self-portrait of yourself in a wedding dress, or named a star after him.

    Yes, they DO exist!

  2. 2 idolicious December 9, 2006 at 11:18 pm

    Someone named a star after him?

    I gotta get onto the boards more often. ;-)

  3. 3 Bobo (aka: Billie) December 9, 2006 at 11:22 pm

    And painted a picture of him….BTW, the star? It came with a framed certificate and various star related stuff….cost a pretty penny! Another one, bought him an IPod and downloaded songs on it for him.
    Kinda creepy, huh?

  4. 4 idolicious December 9, 2006 at 11:25 pm

    Why can’t they buy ME an iPod? I waste valuable time that could be spent studying the laws of agency to bring pointless Idol trivia to the masses. And I STILL don’t have an iPod. (Well…my mom’s gonna buy me one for Christmas. But don’t tell anyone.)

  5. 5 PennyW December 10, 2006 at 12:53 pm

    I thought it was a great article. I also agree that the only “fans” who took any of it as offensive ARE the FANATICS who travel to every show, stalk him in the hotels, care what he eats or if he goes #2 everyday. Taylor knows that the nuts exist and knows it part of the territory. Frankly, sometimes I am quite embarrassed to be a fan when I see how some of these people act.

    I’ve seen his Myspace page and there are women on there that talk to him like they are his best friends.

    Ah well, fans are fans…Rock on Taylor :)

  6. 6 PayTheDevil January 6, 2007 at 4:02 am

    The iPOD thing is not that creepy if you appreciate great music. Which I do and I presume you do as well. On Jay Leno, he said did not have iPOD and appeared was genuinely grateful when I gave it to him. I make six figures and it seemed appropriate to give all of the Idols a great gift when I met them at a meet and greet before the show last September. I preloaded about 1000 songs from my 3,000 song/movie iTunes collection and wrote a note that told him to enjoy it, and if he preferred to re-gift it, he had my blessing. I really did not care if some hard working lackey from the AI tour ended up with a swell 30 GB iPOD preloaded with great music from Tom Waits, Widespread Panic, and Paul Simon. There were great comedy bits from Dave Chappell, Mind of Mecia, and SNL Highlights of Chris Walken. I have since spoken to him about the iPOD and he told me he loves it and that he adds music to it all of the time. He has been photographed with it sticking out of his backpack.

    Truly, the gift was in the giving, I had so much fun watching him over the previous 3-months, it just seemed right. I have never watched the Idol Show before and we (about 15 of us in our local sports bar) had an absolute blast during the show’s 15-week run.

    It was just iPOD, not a DNA sample or a photoshopped picture of Mr. Hicks and our four celestial children. I tithe regularly and donate nice sums to the “Save the Music Foundation”. If money cannot make life better for someone, then what is the point of getting up every day and going into the office?

    I agree that fans that are “overly invested” can be frightening and it can be awkward when presented with a “portrait” of yourself, which looks nothing like you. Most of it though, was given in good faith by nice people. It is what it is.

    Cynical, jaded, or snarky comments that are meant to demean someone’s generosity says more about the person making the comments and less about the person that made the donation/gave the gift. I don’t presume to “know” Mr. Hicks, but he sure is a great diversion and a seemingly nice guy.

    I would probably give you an iPOD (I love the cute new little Nanos) just to brighten your day.


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