Ladies and gentlemen…it’s the new Fergie.

RCA spokesman Roger Widynowski tells Access Atlanta’s American Idol blog that Katharine McPhee is, indeed, finished recording. “She’s finished,” he says, “but they’re touching it up.” Access Atlanta wasted no time in figuring that Kat obviously fell behind in recording, a conclusion that I also share.

Interesting timeline we’ve got going on here. As of November 20, Kat was still recording vocals for her still-untitled album, complaining that her people were trying to get her to do a little rap track a la Fergalicious. Eight days later, she announces to MTV that the album has been pushed back to January 30. The day after that, RCA tells Access Atlanta that Kat is done recording. If you estimate that two weeks are needed to press, package and ship the final product, that means that Kat & Co. need six weeks to “touch up” her vocals.


To me, there are two possibilities–one, that Kat fell behind on her recording and the album had to be delayed again, so she was told in no uncertain terms to get her booty back in the studio and finish up what she’d started. They might have rushed her vocals and now have to go back and do a major polishing job with ProTools…especially if she sang a lot in her upper register, which can be screechy and off-pitch.

The second possibility is that this album is going to have nothing to do with Kat’s voice at all. And for that, I feel really bad for her fans…at least the ones who care about her voice. (From what I see, they seem pretty split between people who truly think she puts forth some gorgeous vocals, and people who are more excited about what magazine cover she’ll get next and what her video will look like, and could care less if she put out an album of her gurgling soda as long as she wins that damn VH1 “It Girl” award.) I’m not so sure I believe Kat is done recording, and my take on the whole thing is that if the extra time really is needed for post-production, it’s because her nine hundred producers are all jockeying to find the hippest beat, the most synthed-out pulse, the most strangely structured synchopation, or the weirdest thing to sample (personally, I think the award for that goes to the crying baby in “Are You That Somebody?”). Much like Fergie’s lyrically vapid debut The Dutchess, Kat could end up getting rave reviews for her sound, and her producers could get all the critical accolades, while Kat herself goes largely ignored…just another pretty white girl serving as a strange mouthpiece for the work of decidely urban music-makers. For a girl who hit her stride on Idol singing “Over the Rainbow” and “Someone To Watch Over Me,” I just can’t get past the incongruity.


4 Responses to “Ladies and gentlemen…it’s the new Fergie.”

  1. 1 PennyW December 2, 2006 at 1:07 pm

    Kat is about as urban as Dakota Fanning is. Good Lord, why not just let her do music that fits her voice?! Are we going to end up with another Britney, who can’t sing worth a crap and all of her songs are so over “produced” that even I could be singing on them?

    Steppin’ down off the soapbox for now.

  2. 2 idolicious December 2, 2006 at 1:08 pm

    Aww…soapboxes of all varieites are welcome here!

  3. 3 PennyW December 3, 2006 at 10:43 am

    My opinion on Kat is that her vocal cords could never handle a media tour. Seems like she had to go on vocal rest more than Mariah. Good thing she didn’t win (was there any doubt) Idol. I think Taylor is the only one who hasn’t had to take time off to rest his voice and he’s been singing more than anyone. And can you just imagine the interviews? hehehe…she interviews like a 12 year old.

    Ok, I’m done with my opinion of Kat.

    How about some positive info on Elliott. That boy can sing and he got the crappy end of the stick.

  4. 4 idolicious December 3, 2006 at 10:50 am

    I will try to fish up something on Elliott towards the end of the week :-)

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